Tuesday, June 23, 2009

camb0dia trip

20-23 June 2009

try to tiru Hard Rock Cafe

1st day (Shopping Day)

- we reached Cambodia at around 9am and went straight to the guest house (the room rates are so cheap which cost us only USD7 per night per person). They welcomed us with a Khmer massage & welcome drink (sumpah ice lem0n tea die sedap kaw2!!). Best!

- Next, we went to the old market and spent almost 4 hours shopping in the market.

- At night, we went out to the Pub Street konon nye nk rase club kat Cambodia. The pub's atmosphere lain jgk dgn KL..sangat2 cozy and happening. the restaurants & pubs' dec0r are so unique. And the signage is so, so, so cute..hahaha...

- we had our dinner at Happy Special Pizza and luckily i didn't have a single bite. Rupenye, 'HAPPY' ni means food tu ade ganja.. hahaha.. sume restaurant's name yg ade 'HAPPY' mesti ade ganja.

2nd Day (Sightseeing - temples)

- we woke up at 6am in the morning to visit all the temples. we reached there at around 8.30 am and it was super-duper-crazy HOT! panas mcm pukul 12 noon. me with my umbrella and hat pun still panas giler. just imagine if i didn't bring along my umbrella. sampai my umbrella yg baru beli rosak habis.

- the 1st temple we visited was Angkor Wat. unbelievable. cantik and kagum.
- we spent almost 1 hour in each temple. m0st of it utk b'GIGAM.

- we have waited till 5pm to watch the sunset, tapi hujan pulak smpi malam. and matahari xkuar pun..rugi..

- in total, we visited around 10 temples in 1 day. actually, it's better not to cramp all the temples in 1 day. coz' both of us muak smpai nk muntah temple. byk sgt2 temple kat cambodia..and we didn't managed to finish all sbb penat & lapar.

- we reached hotel around 7.30 pm and impressively, we didn't hang out in Siem Reap's town sbb penat sgt and tdo pukul 11.00 pm..what a waste!

3rd day (Tonle Sap)
- Tonle Sap is also known as the fl0ating village where by the Cambodian people lived in a wooden floating house in Tonle Sap river.
- honestly, i can say that i'm thankful that i was born in Malaysia. tengok diorg duduk kat floating village ni mmg sgt2 la 'daif'.
- hygiene mmg takde lgsg in their dictionary of life.
- morale of the story, be thankful and b'syukur la duduk kat malaysia ni..
- right after Tonle Sap, we went to a salon for manicure. quality is totally not the same like in Kl tapi what do u expect, murah je pun = USD2 je...
- at night, we went to a club called 'Pyramid' and dance all night long till 3am. hihihi...
in conclusion, 4D3N mmg x cukup for this trip. if only we had spent more days for this trip, it will be more fun. so, we've planned for a second trip to Cambodia to watch the Lady temple in pink ;)


  1. aku perasan tangan kanan hang dalam semua gambar. mana lengan kiri??

  2. hahahaha..lengan kiri d'sembunyikan ler...